Tribeca Film Festival's Future

Team: Michelle Spigner (Strategist), Larissa Cole (Experience Designer)

The Ask: Create a Vision for the Future of the Tribeca Film Festival

Team One’s Legacy Lab tasked us with creating a purpose for Tribeca Film Festival over the next fifteen years.

Situation: Saved a neighborhood, now the world...

In its fifteen years of existence, the Tribeca Film Festival has used art to revive the Tribeca neighborhood after 9/11. With its original purpose achieved and its offerings expanded far beyond film, the Tribeca Film Festival changed its mission to empowering others to create change in their world through disruption. Tribeca has always been open to trying to incorporate new idea, but how can the festival expand while staying true to its principles.


Tribeca’s offerings are so diverse that they could appeal to anyone, but outsiders struggle to identify and attend events that they would enjoy. How can Tribeca grow to involve a broader swath of society without losing its spark?

Insight: “Sometimes cool can be intimidating.”

While the cinephiles love the breadth of Tribeca's exhibitions, the average consumer is intimidated by the mystique surrounding Tribeca.

Solution: Make the festival more accessible to the general public.

  1. Develop and communicate a concrete identity that explains and encompasses all of Tribeca’s offerings.
  2. Utilize potential attendees the fear of missing out to draw them in.
  3. Use technology to enable first time attendees to overcome their fear of the unknown.

Phase 1: Identity

Canvas For Chaos

Tribeca is a Canvas for Chaos, because it will put anything on a stage if given a good reason. With its "Yes and" mentality, the festival encourages innovation by not limiting what it’s audience can experience. This attitude allows the featured artists to challenge the way the audience thinks about the world.  At Tribeca, attendees are forced not to accept the world as it is, but rather dream of what it could be.

Target: Rebels Against Monotony

Spanning from younger millennials to generation z, the Rebels are experience seekers, who hunt for unique experiences to put into their lives' scrapbook.

Phase 2: The Campaign

Only at Tribeca.

This campaign, which will be plastered on posters throughout New York City, differentiates Tribeca from its music festival competitors by offering a unique experience. It will emphasize that Tribeca is a place where preconceived notions will be challenged through incredible adventures and invite our target into the fold. The goal of this campaign is to intrigue our target to the point where their fear of missing out overcomes their fear of the unknown.

Phase 3: Technology

The Consigliere

The Consigliere is a tool for new attendees of the festival that will use existing social data such as Netflix preferences and tweets to determine a user’s taste in cinematography. After analyzing this data, the service would suggest a personalized schedule for the potential attendee. With the guide, attending Tribeca for the first time has never been easier.

Tribeca_v4 3.025.jpg